We develop, manufacture, adapt, control and deliver
complete cooling systems
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Designs, controls, assembles and delivers tailor-made cooling solutions for large and complex applications.

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Develops, manufactures and tests cooling matrixes for wind power and off highway applications.

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Offers complete commitments in sheet metal cutting, machining, welding, processing, surface treatment and assembly.

Each and every day, we use our knowledge, skill and imagination to tailor exact solutions to our customers’ problems. The bigger the challenge, the more excited we are to solve it. We’d like to think that our familiarity with snow and ice gives us an edge in the business of cooling systems. After all, we’re

Our mission

  • We develop, adapt, control and deliver complete cooling systems to
    global companies that require customized products, services, performance,
    reliability, durability, logistics and competence backed by the
    highest quality and sustainability.
  • We employ highly qualified people with core technology competence
    and experience in vehicular and hydraulic cooling systems.
  • We possess application knowledge that spans from wind turbine
    cooling systems to cooling hydraulics and diesel engines.

Our vision

We develop The Future of Cooling Systems

Which includes:

  • Providing leading edge competence in cooling systems.
  • Being globally recognised as the local partner in innovative, customized cooling systems.
  • Transform energy losses into a long-term, sustainable customer partnership.

Ymer creativity

We created a rallying cry to help remind us what makes us different and, we hope, better – “Cool Creative Engineering.” It brings focus, direction and motivation to our people, guides us in the kind of people we hire and creates a set of expectations for the outside world that we work hard every day to meet or exceed. It is who we are – and part of our DNA.

The most creative people in every field agree on one thing – innovation is enabled by a complete mastery of the fundamentals. Our people have been trained to know exactly how the expected answer is achieved as opposed to others who often accept “good enough.”

We build from this base. Creativity is the response to something seen as impossible. It is the product of a curious mind. We ask every time if there is another way to craft a solution, a better way to solve a problem thought to be unsolvable or create a ‘leap into the future’ past a problem not even previously seen to exist. Or a way to provide a more complex, complete and integrated system rather than merely delivering a component or two.

At Ymer, we listen. We see collaboration as critical to creativity, both internally and in the frequent give and take with our clients. To take maximum advantage of all they know about what it is they do. This means our products don’t become stand-beside cooling units but an integral part of the body and soul of your equipment and machines.

Ultimately, Ymer is a producer of ideas. Ideas that enable and delight. Ideas that help your equipment perform better, more efficiently
and longer. Thus making it possible to exist in the first place and to function in environments once seen as too hostile. Ideas that don’t simply anticipate the future but help define and empower that future. Not every solution takes us to the edge, but every answer is valuable because we have the ability and willingness to aim for that edge. In short, Cool Creative Engineering.


We proudly work with some of the most interesting global OEM’s within our industry. The highest attention to quality, innovative solutions and joint-development teams are key characteristics. These are a few examples of our customers: