Let us tell you a bit about the company.

The Company

Ymer Technology Group is a privately owned company, consisting of three subsidiaries: Ymer Technology AB, Ymer Industrial AB and Ymer Production AB.

While each company is specialized in their own respective field, they
lay the foundation for combining creative engineering with expert
craftsmanship in partnership with each other.

For us, keeping it cool isn’t about handling small setbacks. It’s
about keeping the world running. We might not be well known, but
our technology helps companies all over the planet run smoothly,
whether they’re digging through soil or drawing energy from the

Our business is technology, but what makes us great is the people
we employ. Each and every day, our engineers use their knowledge,
skill and imagination to solve our customers’ problems. The bigger
the challenges, the more fun they are to solve. We have grown to
revenues of about $85 million USD (700 million SEK) in just a decade.

We’re proud of our people, and we’re proud of our heritage. As a
Swedish company, we like to see ourselves as the latest link in a
chain of companies built on precision, quality and creativity. Our
name stems from Norse mythology, where Ymer was a giant born
from the ice. Which is fitting, really, since we’re standing on the
shoulders of giants.

We’re evolved in the cold.

Ymer Technology AB

Ymer Technology AB designs, controls, assembles and delivers complete
cooling solutions. Through our extensive application knowledge,
we’re able to match our customers’ high requirements. We
deliver tailor-made solutions for large and complex applications in
heavy duty machinery such as offshore rigs and the world’s biggest
wind power coolers.

Ymer Industrial AB

Ymer Industrial AB develops, manufactures and tests cooling
matrixes for wind power and off highway applications. The total
process includes manufacturing from coil to complete core matrix
– tested and controlled to meet the highest standards. Our factory
can produce state-of-the art vacuum furnace prototypes as well as
series production of both low and high volumes, while following the
latest demands and developments in quality, material and design.

Ymer Production AB

Ymer Production AB offers complete commitments in cutting,
machining, welding, sheet metal processing, surface treatment and
assembly. Ymer Production is primarily aimed at companies seeking
a comprehensive solution, from cutting to painting, no matter the
scale of the project or the project or the size of its parts. Ymer Production
also delivers sheet metal solutions to Ymer Technology.

  • 2005 Ymer Technology Sweden is established. Design/sales to big OEM customer directly from production
  • 2006 Ymer Technology in Denmark is established. Wind turbine hub.
  • 2007 Ymer Technology opens a sales office in France.
  • 2009 Ymer Technology establishes a company in China. (Close to the customer)
  • 2012 Ymer Technology expands production facilities with a factory for sheet metal and machined metal parts
  • 2015 Ymer Technology establishes sales office in USA
  • 2016 Ymer Technology establishes Logistic Hub in USA
  • 2017 Ymer Technology establishes cooler element production in Europe
  • 2018 Ymer Technology establishes sales office in Germany

From the beginning, we have tried to ensure the highest level of
service by following our customers and setting up operations wherever
they may be. It is an integral part of our culture, a key element
in our success, which sees us being present in Europe for European
customers, in the US for US customers and in Asia for Asian customers.

This business model is driven by the fact that no two cultures are
alike. People on the ground see the world their customers live and
work in, allowing us to continuously update ourselves as specialists
in every aspect of the differences and changes that influence their
world. It produces more effective cooling system solutions, more efficiency
(that can be passed along to our customers) and innovative
ideas that seldom spring from sitting in an ivory tower.

Our organization is multicultural in the literal sense of the word.
Our in-house language is English, but we often feel that we speak
all the languages of the world. Vive la différence!

As we create the turnkey solutions encompassing everything from
costings, long-term strategies and appropriate raw materials to finished
cooling systems, our customer requirements for quality are
paramount. A great idea badly executed isn’t much use. An asset in
achieving the highest quality is our designers and their commitment
and ability to fully grasp all the details, however small. Once identified,
they can apply their innovative skills to creating unique, customized,
integrated cooling system solutions. All that, combined with
the customer’s specifications, guarantees quality in all that we do.

The list below which chemical compounds are banned and/or unwanted at YMER Technology worldwide.