Healthy Growth

As a privately held group of companies owned and operated by its founders and management team, we have been able to place a premium on profitable growth.


This has led to strong, healthy growth and revenues of around $60 million USD (500 million SEK) during our first decade. We know that our financial soundness is important to our customers as well as to our company, as it allows us to make the investments in people, R&D, facilities and systems that bring innovative, creative solutions to each assignment.

Financial Discipline

We have sought since the very beginning of the company to make prudent financial management one of our core competencies. Managing Ymer Technology’s finances based on best practices not only secure our long term success but makes us a more attractive and competitive option for our customers.

At Ymer Technology, we pride ourselves on practicing our Five Cornerstone Principles of Financing:

Sourcing – we put a lot of effort into developing and nurturing our sourcing and purchasing operations, including continuously and diligently working on pricing, payment terms and the financial performance of our growing business. While doing this, we are continually conscious of building partnerships with our suppliers and of the importance of their financial soundnes. Beyond the financial relationship, we seek to encourage creativity and imagination in their offerings in order to help us in our mission to innovate.

Inventory Turnover – we operate with dynamic safety inventory closely together with our suppliers to be able to give our customers timely, first-class, non-interruptive deliveries. We also strive to run lean with just-in-time deliveries and first class logistics to truly minimize working capital requirements.

Payment terms – we negotiate extensively with our suppliers and our customers on payment terms. With company payment terms important to our cash flow, we put a great deal of effort into this area to be sure we have the resources available for sustainable technological innovation on our customers’ behalf.

Financial control – we have built our financial monitoring and control capabilities to support our business with timely, fact based and actionable information. We continuously invest in our group-wide ERP system, finance and business control functions, which are so important for staying innovative and competitive.

Banking relationship – we put the same effort into nurturing our long-term relationships with the banking community as we do with our own customers. To us, our banking partnerships are a criucial piece of the Ymer Technology success story.

Lifetime management

The end customers of Ymer Technology make huge investments in off highway machines and wind power generators and aim for optimal lifecycle management of these assets. We never forget the contribution that spearheading innovation in heat transfer technology can make to our customers’ bottom lines – if that asset runs more efficiently or stays operational longer than planned, those savings impact the profit line. This is one of the important ways in which Ymer contributes to our customer partnerships.