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On-point Cooling Solutions for the Off Highway Industry.
An Evolving Industry.

The off highway business is changing towards more fuel-efficient solutions at a rapid pace, placing demands on compact, well-integrated and designed cooling. We combine advanced simulations with creative engineering and quality production to deliver top-of-the-line performance with full attention to fuel consumption and the environment.

Cooling Needs aren’t Constant. Why Should Energy Consumption be.

At lower engine power output and temperatures, only the charge air needs cooling. To save fuel and increase cooling efficiency, we’ve split the airflow so that the CAC can be independently cooled by two electric brushless fans.

Three Benefits of Smart Design.

Our side-by-side coolers integrate the AC condenser. Aside from saving space, this means air flow is kept cooler and the whole system becomes less sensitive to clogging and dirt.

First Things First.

By integrating a temperature and pressure bypass valve in the oil cooler, we achieve a compact, cost-efficient and fast-track solution that enables the oil to reach the correct temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the bypass automatically works as a pressure bypass valve. The integrated bypass reduces the need for extra components and dramatically reduces the risk of damaging the oil cooler.

Optimal oil
Tailored to Your Needs.

Our calculation software gives us a wide array of air fins, fans, fan houses and fan guards to model optimal airflow and cooling efficiency based on different applications and environments.

Modeled Behavior.

We can also simulate a range of turbulators and fluids to model temperatures, flows, and internal pressure drops. Combined, fluid and pressure simulations help optimize the coolers from both a cost and efficiency perspective and lead to a solution that best matches the customer’s need.

Customized for
your needs

In short, we offer a complete cooling solution including AC condenser for the whole machine, delivered with mounted expansion vessel, fan gaskets and attachments for easy slot-in installation. Optimized for efficiency, stability, and lower emissions to provide a long lifecycle of savings for your end customer.

Lower fuel
Our Thermal Management Systems Keeps Electric Vehicles at Just the Right Temperature.
New Technology. New Demands.

The advent of large electric vehicles poses interesting challenges as well as opportunities. Heat isn’t an ample byproduct, “refueling“ becomes a time-consuming task and batteries need careful temperature management. Our thermal management systems are a complete solution that keeps everything running at the right temperature, as long as possible – day-to-day and year after year.

Just the Right Size.

Our new cooler is designed especially for the lower working temperatures of electric vehicles, offering reductions in both weight and size. By minimizing the use of compressor and fans to save energy, it helps decrease battery usage and increases the vehicle’s operating range.

Made for
Double Duty.

Our integrated high-voltage compressor supersedes the HVAC compressor and supplies cooling for both the HVAC and battery. It is directly driven from the main high-voltage battery for maximum efficiency.

High Voltage. High Efficiency.

High-voltage heaters deliver heat for both the battery and HVAC. The heaters (high-voltage driven to eliminate energy losses caused by conversion) are managed by the control system and used sparingly since heat generated from the driveline is used.

The Brains of the Operation.

The control system in our Thermal Management Systems, in conjunction with our expertly programmed ECU, take ambient temperatures and driving cycles into account in order to carefully balance cooling and heating needs throughout the system – always with the aim of conserving the battery to increase the vehicle’s operating range.


Our TMS makes sure that every component is cooled to its individual optimal operating temperature. To save energy, excess heat is recycled and used for heating the cabin and battery.


To ensure peak performance and a long life cycle, the battery temperature is constantly monitored and kept at an optimal 25°C.


To keep the system efficient, simple and compact, the HVAC is supplied with heater and compressor

In Short.

We deliver complete Thermal Management Systems characterized by high flexibility and a modular approach where an intelligent ECU works in tandem with coolers, heaters, pumps and compressor – all tailored for electrical vehicles with three goals in mind: smooth operation, energy saving and high efficiency.

Lower carbon
Product 1010.0457
Paving Machine
Machine Type
Road Paving Machine
Product Information
When a large OEM producing road paving machine needs a lot of cooling Ymer Technology steps up and provides a solution! Remote driven solution for engine and hydraulic circuit cooling provides close optimization and smooth performance.
Cooler in Scope
Charge Air Cooler
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Fan (2)
Fan Motor
Product 1010.0375
Heavy Fork Truck
Machine Type
Material Handling Machine
Product Information
Heavy load lifting means heavy performance. Once again Ymer Technology delivers with a custom-engineered cooling system that provides cooling to a variety of systems along with necessary accessories.
Machine Details
Engine Type
Cummins QSB6,7 T4
Engine Rating
194 kW
Cooler Package Size
Charge Air Cooler
Trans Oil Cooler
Fan & Wire Guard
Fan Motor/pump
Surge/Overflow Tank
Product 1010.0358
Small Air Compressor
Machine Type
Portable Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Product Information
A custom solution for a portable Rotary screw compressor using two brushless DC electric fans to provide smooth, even airflow and to provide exceptional cooling performance for the customer.
Cooler in Scope
Oil Cooler
Product 1010.0272
Engine rad/cac module
Machine Type
Airport Pushback Vehicle
Product Information
When space is limited, Ymer Technology to the rescue! We engineered an innovative solution to cool a large diesel motor, using a triangular orientation of Radiator/charge air cooler, along with remote driven fan/drive for a truly compact solution!
Cooler in Scope
Charge Air Cooler
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Product 1077.0001
Machine Type
Thermal Management
Product Information
How do you provide “Total Thermal Management” for an electric vehicle? Ask Ymer Technology! We can provide battery loop heating/cooling along with same for drive motors/inverters along with the cab. No need for secondary compressor! Custom tailored for wide variety of applications.
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Cooling Solutions
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