Optimized cooling for a variety of applications, machines and environments.


In our Off Highway Division, we design and manufacture complete engine cooling systems used in:

  • Construction equipment
  • Stationary pumps and generators
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Crushing equipment
  • Agricultural machines
  • Compressors
  • Fork lift trucks/material handling systems
  • Engine power packssystems
  • Forestry machines
  • Cranes

Total thermal management design includes the coolant radiator, charge air cooler, hydraulic coolers, fuel coolers, air conditioning condenser, fan shroud and cooling fan.

Module design incorporates a mounting frame and, as required: expansion tank, vibration isolators, piping, pumps, thermal by-pass valves and other accessories. Our technical support includes assistance with customer on-site testing and system optimization.

Our Wind Power Division, located in Denmark and near the hub of world turbine development, is ideally suited to support global wind power projects – specifically with manufacturing capacity in Sweden and China for optimal logistics support.

We supply transmission cooling solutions from the cooling matrix to complete cooler systems, including the mounting frame, piping and fiberglass cover. Current production includes cooler modules in excess of two square meters. We also have design capability to develop complete cooling water systems including pumps, valves, piping and other accessories.


Our highly qualified people, experience and proprietary state-of-the-art software support our mission to supply our customers with economical, high performance cooling solutions.

It all begins at Ymer with the most highly qualified, most imaginative and experienced people in heat transfer design, supported by in-house software that calculates fan/cooling combinations with extraordinary precision. Our cooling system application knowledge spans from wind turbine cooling systems to off highway machines, diesel engines and hydraulics systems, not only in their but as we envision them in the future.

Life time management

Our solutions are viewed as world leading examples of thermal management and are major factors in boosting the operational and financial performance of the on/off highway machines, compressors and wind turbines of our demanding customers.

Our unceasing ambition is to deliver equipment life extension while meeting the challenge of developing new systems tailored to each application or system condition. As business people ourselves, we are very aware that cooling solutions that enable a machine or piece of equipment to run longer and more efficiently than expected means more money on the bottom line. So, making a contribution to the best possible life time management of our customers’ assets is always a matter of prime concern.