Extending the life of
tomorrow’s wind power

Turbines keep growing in size — and we are well-positioned.

The wind power industry is developing even more rapidly. The wind turbines of the 1980s boasted a capacity of 250 kilowatts, while modern day equivalents have power ratings of up to 5MW. Within a couple of years, it is estimated that we’ll be seeing units with capacities of up to 12, 13 or even 15 megawatts. Ymer Technology has been co-developing the next generation of turbines together with the world’s largest turbine manufacturers. We are now well-positioned for the coming years.

To maximize the service life of units possessing such power and thereby saving costs is vital and a challenge worthy of the name. The ability to precisely control the temperature is a prerequisite to ensuring trouble-free operation. At Ymer, we accept the challenge of empowering the future of wind power with open arms.

Within our R&D and business development portfolios we are also addressing the future of potential lifetime extensions of existing wind power farms. Investing in more efficient cooling, hence prolonging the lifetime and full production of vital turbine components and electronics, can be done for a fraction of the new turbine investment costs.

We are a trusted system and value chain partner

Ymer Technology started as a component supplier for wind power turbine manufacturers. Being a hungry and innovative business maker with pioneering technology applications and growing resources, we have emerged as a trusted system and value chain partner.

Several of the major turbine manufacturers have reduced, or are in the process of reducing, their number of parts purchased. Moving from individual components sourcing to system and value chain partnerships allows the major turbine manufacturers to focus on core businesses, to co-develop new applications with selective partners and to increase their delivery capabilities. Ymer Technology is just such a partner with proven co-development experience.

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Our Wind Power Division produces individually customized cooling systems for transmission, electronics and more.

Our goal is to remain the leading design-specific system supplier for varied applications with a focus on lifecycle management and innovation.

We build our calculations, dimensioning and application-specific work on sophisticated flow analysis models. We continuously develop the materials side of our offerings, including application-specific aluminum alloys, fiberglass covers and silicon hoses. Our activities are guided by keeping a constant eye on the highest standards of quality.