Tomorrow’s off highway machines require lowest total lifecycle costs.

Off highway

The Off Highway industry is undergoing several major transformations.

With our individually designed cooling system solutions, we have
positioned ourselves to be the future partner of choice:

• The new Stage 5 Emission Standards put increasing requirements
on engine efficiency — hence application specific engineered cooling

• Smaller engine masses also increase the need for precise cooling.

• And the more powerful the engine, the more heat generated.

Ymer Technology has been proven a reliable partner in engineering
these new configurations. Our history of application specific engineering
now serves us well and we are witnessing an ever increasing
interest in our services.

To meet these challenges, Ymer is making significant and ongoing
R&D investments in the continuing quest to engineer new products
and materials for cooling systems. These investments have paid off
for our customers and for us, and we are convinced they will continue
to do so.

We produce individually customized cooling systems for diesel engines
in heavy duty construction machinery, agricultural machines,
materials handling and other diesel applications. The intriguing and
demanding challenge is for better cooling efficiency without increasing
cooler size. Our experience shows that the answer is often
found in the intimate knowledge of the workings of emissions and
exhaust purification, an area where the capacity of cooling systems
typically plays a crucial role.